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Advantages / Benefits


The Torus gear is an outstanding, innovative new development in the field of drive technology! The torus gear technology, with its novel tooth shape creates substantial advantages in the design of gears. Highest possible quality and precision, limited weight, simple construction and minimal space requirement makes the Torus gear highly efficient.



The unique geometry of the torus gear tooth system allows, independent of the gear  ratio, a constant efficiency. For the first time, high gear ratios (>100:1) can be achieved on minimal design space.


Efficiency in relation to gear ratio:

Worm gear measurement according to DIN EN ISO 1680


wirkunsgrad 2





The unique contact geometry allows for a better load distribution and a reduction of material wear. Higher torque requirements do not necessarily ask for a larger design configuration.



Load distribution torus


Load distribution evolvent





The torus gear has a straight forward design. It consists of only two components. This reduces manufacturing-, assembly-, storage-   and service costs substantially. The constant efficiency factor makes it possible to design gears with high gear ratios with a minimum number of components. A second and third gear step is not needed, when applying the torus gear technology.




Backlash of the gear can be easily adjusted or eliminated by axial shift.




Superior running smoothness

The Torus gear with its high degree of sliding contact is almost noiseless. The optimized tooth mesh absorbs noise additionally.





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