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The torus gear with its self- contained gear technology can be applied in almost all industries. Some applications are listed below.



Possible applications are: Gears for positioning car seats, windows, rear- view mirrors, headlights and many more!




Arguments for the application of torus gears in cars are:

  • Low noise or almost noiseless. Ideal for applications in the passenger compartment.
  • Minimal size and low weight help to save energy and provide space for other innovations.
  • High gear transmission ratios and minimal size allow for slow movements with high speed, but cost effective motors.



Machines / Tool technology

Possible applications are: NC rotary tables, turntables, positioning tables and many more!


Arguments for the application of torus gears on machine tools are:
  • A precise and free or almost backlash free torus gear guarantees a precise and reliable manufacturing process.
  • The extreme load capacity and rigidity extend the range of applications.
  • The high degree of reliability reduces downtime.



Medical technology

Possible applications are: Metering pumps, mixer, X-ray equipment, sickbeds and many more.




Arguments for the application of torus gears in the medical field are:

  • The low noise or almost noiseless function reduces disturbing noise to a minimum.
  • High precision for applications where high positioning ore metering is needed.





The compact design and the limited weight do not enlarge the size of the robot.




Arguments for the application of torus gears on industrial robots are:

  • A precise torus gear, with repeat accuracy and almost no backlash or backlash free guarantees a highly accurate positioni
  • The heavy load capacity and the rigidity allow handling heavy weights.




Hoisting technology

Possible applications are: Hoisting winch, cranes and many more.




Arguments for the application of torus gears on hoisting devices are:

  • High torque for maximal load.
  • Minimal weight and smallest possible design reduce the size of the hoisting device.
  • The self-locking torus gear increases security.




Renewable Energies

Possible applications are: Adjustment of solar panel




Arguments for the application of torus gears for solar equipment are:

  • The precision, repeat accuracy, almost no backlash or backlash free torus gear guarantees an accurate positioning.
  • The high gear transmission ratio allows slow motions with minimal space requirements.



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